Creating Your Own Digital Photography Studio

Creating your own digital photography studio at home can be a very easy project to undertake. The initial expenditure can be whatever you can afford at the time and other items can be added when the costs can be fit into your budget. A home digital photography studio can be as simple as a white sheet hung against the wall with basic lights pointed at it. Having a studio in the home opens creative avenues and creates more possibilities for the photographer.

Setting Up Your Home Digital Photography Studio

Setting up a home digital photography studio is simple. The photographer will need a simple lighting setup and can use any point and shoot digital camera to capture the images. By arranging the lighting in artistic ways, the photographer can produce professional looking portraits without spending a great deal of money on new equipment. The camera used can be any digital SLR or Point and Shoot camera with a high megapixel count. The memory card for the camera should have a large enough memory to save numerous images at high resolution. The camera should also have a display screen or the ability to hook into a television set to allow easy viewing of the photographs before printing.

The space needed for a home digital photography studio does not have to be very large. A small bedroom could be dedicated to the project or the equipment can be set up in a corner of the basement or living room. The walls of the area should be white to allow the light to bounce off of the walls to better illuminate the subject. This also creates a more appealing background for the shots. A tripod will be needed to hold the camera steady during the photo shoot and the lights should be easily accessible for easy positioning. Natural lighting can be used if available, but the photographer will also need backup lighting for overcast days.

An umbrella or softbox will be needed to soften the lighting in the home digital photography studio. The photographer can use muslin, white paper, or painted canvas for the backdrop. If interested in doing portraiture, some props will be needed. Simple items such as teddy bears for children, numbers, chairs, and different colored cloth can go a long way towards customizing the photographs. There are thousands of different ways to set up a home digital photography studio creatively and without incurring a great deal of additional expense. It may not be professional quality at the beginning, but with time, patience, and new equipment purchased when the budget allows, it can come very close to professional grade.