Digital Photography for Dummies?A Resource For Some, But Not Others

There is a line of How To books out there on the market called 'For Dummies' that has slowly but surely been taking the world by storm ever since its inception. There is a 'For Dummies' book for just about everything out there, from speaking Spanish to programming a Myspace page. Most people would probably not be too surprised to find out that there is a book on Digital Photography for Dummies.

Do You Need Digital Photography for Dummies?

Digital Photography for Dummies is a book that you may or may not need to look into. It all has to do with your level of comfort and discipline when it comes to photography and digital photography in particular. Of course, deciding how skilled you are in photography has to do with what kind of skill you need. If all you are concerned about is knowing how to be able to use a digital camera to take your Myspace pictures so you don't have to worry about developing and scanning everything, you should probably just take a small lesson from our digital camera and consult the handbook or owner's manual to take care of any problems you may have.

You Might Be Smarter Than You Think

If you have ever used a camera before, you might not have to whip out that Visa to buy that Digital Photography for Dummies book after all. Most of the basic digital cameras out there that a person would normally go after if they had never purchase a digital camera before are that they are usually pretty basic. It is the extra expensive cameras with all of the extra doodads on it that end up being the ones that are difficult to use and make people think they need more help than they do.

Maybe It's Not Such a Bad Book, After All

Of course there are people out there who always knew how to work a digital camera and take great pictures and never need a Digital Photography for Dummies book. Then again, there are those people who might need the book, or might just need to fiddle with a camera. Then there are the people who could really use Digital Photography for Dummies and those are the people the book was written for. These are the people who don't know a digital camera from a video camera and don't know the least bit about point and shoot skills and then those who have the basic skills. Digital photography for Dummies is a book for those who lack the basic skills.