Simple Digital Photography Tips For Capturing Great Photographs

Since the release of digital cameras to the general public, the art of digital photography has become a very popular hobby. Many individuals mistakenly believe that all they have to do to take great digital photographs is purchase an expensive piece of equipment, point it at the object, and shoot. This could not be further from the truth. By following some simple digital photography tips, you can ensure that the pictures taken with that expensive digital camera are great ones.

Number One - Experiment

One of the most overlooked digital photography tips is to experiment with the different settings on the camera. Utilizing the different settings will show you all of the different ways to take a picture of a single object. The beauty of taking pictures with a digital camera is that you can take a large number of pictures without incurring any additional expense. If you like the picture, keep it. If you do not like the picture, erase it and try again. Only practice will help you get better at taking digital photographs.

Number Two - Add Warmth

The second in our series of digital photography tips is to add some warmth to your pictures. You do this by changing the white balance setting on your digital camera. The default setting for the white balance on many digital cameras tends to enhance cool tones such as blue and green. By changing the white balance setting, you increase the amount of red and yellow hues picked up by the camera, resulting in a much warmer toned photograph. This is great for outdoor portraits and landscape photographs taken in full sunlight. This is only one of many digital photography tips that can enhance an outdoor photograph.

Number Three - Control Your Flash

Another one of the great overlooked digital photography tips is to take control of your flash. On many digital camera models, the feature to release control of the flash to the user is hidden, but most cameras have the feature. It is called either the "fill flash" or "flash on" mode. If you are unsure where to locate this feature on your camera, it may be time to break out the user's manual. When the flash goes off automatically, the flash exposes both the background and the subject equally. With the fill flash mode, the camera exposes the background first and then adds just enough flash to illuminate the subject. This creates a softer, more professionally looking photograph.

By following these simple digital photography tips, you will enhance the appeal of your digital photographs and create some images that capture the subject in the best possible way. There are many other digital photography tips available from expert photographers that can help make your photographs even better. Remember to focus on one technique at a time and master it before moving on to another technique. As the old adage states, before you can run, you must first learn how to walk.