Tips for Digital Nature Photography

Are you interested in digital nature photography? If so, there are some considerations for you to think about before you head outdoors. Digital nature photography can be more enjoyable when you remember to follow these tips.

Taking Photos of Wildlife

The main idea is not to scare away your targets. There are a few tips to remember that will reduce the chances of the wildlife running away. Do not use the flash on your camera because this will instantly alert any animals to your presence. If you wear fragrance, the wildlife will also know you are near, so do not use a scent if you are planning to photograph wildlife.

Keeping a Distance from Your Subjects

Use your zoom lens because you will be able to take pictures of animals at a distance without disturbing them. Take plenty of pictures to compensate for an uncontrolled subject. When you are focusing on an animal, make sure the eyes are in focus and shoot from different angles for interest. Using a small and quiet camera will help you to remain unnoticed.

Sunrise or Sunset Shots

When you are taking a picture of a beautiful sky, do not let the horizon sit in the middle of the picture because this is just not interesting. Instead, have only 1/3 of the image space devoted to the sky. Add depth by having a natural setting at the edges of the image. Take plenty of shots from different angles so you can choose the very best ones for printing or sharing.

Use a tripod because of the steadiness that it will give you for longer shots. For panoramic shots, shoot from left to right. Instead of direct light which can be harsh, take shots when the sun is behind a cloud for diffused lighting conditions.

Keep the Camera Still

If you cannot use a tripod, you may have to hold your breath while taking shots because this will lessen any movements of your hands.

The Best Lighting is Natural

For nature images, the best lighting is natural because it shows the brilliant colors naturally without any harsh lighting or shadows. If you need to lessen the light, drape a piece of fabric to create a softer light.

You can give form to your photographs if you use natural elements of line and patterns to create a composition. The simpler your background is, the more important your subjects will appear in the image.

Digital nature photography is one of the most fulfilling subjects for a photographer. The ability to go outdoors for digital nature photography can be both relaxing and fun. Digital nature photography produces stunning natural images that are very memorable for the beauty of their subjects.